Chili @ Lantern House

Being able to pass along smiles, and help those who have found themselves in hard situations warms us from the inside out. Serving chili allows us to be the loving hands of Christ and warm those who need it most from the inside out. What a blessing! We are hoping to have more new faces come join us in serving and look forward to seeing those who come to serve regularly as you are such treasures. I am listing the dates for the entire chili season and the bulletins will also have reminders. Please search your heart and possibly rearrange your schedule in order to come and serve with us.  The sign-up sheets will be out prior to each serve for specific supplies needed, and monetary donations are always welcome – please indicate they are for Chili lunches so it goes in the correct account. All your support and donations are greatly appreciated! Oct 25, Nov 22, Dec 13, Jan 10, Feb 7 and March 13 are the serve dates.  Blessings, Steve and Dawn Scholtec