Please find the following changes for this week’s church services

October 9, 2020

Members, Friends & Family of Our Saviors Roy,

Effective October 8th your church council decided with the changing weather, it is time to move our Sunday services inside. Services will be held at 10 am through October and will keep the same format as the outdoor services to help us adapt.
November 1st is “All Saints” Sunday when the Praise Band plans to return. The service time will be at 9 am until further notice. We will hold one service unless there is a need to expand. We have several options for that on the talble. Council has put a lot of thought into keeping everyone safe and ask for your cooperation, as things will look a bit different. We have seating for about 60 people depending on family size. Below are the guidelines that have been set into place;

  • Please notice the social distance markings on sidewalks. As you check in at the greeter station, we would like to take your temperature. We ask that you wear a mask and sanitize before entering the church. If you choose to use your own sanitizer that is okay.
  • Please wait for your usher to seat you. Ushers will be seating from the front of the church to the back which means you may not get your favorite seat. If you do not choose to wear a mask please respectfully ask to be seated in the back of the narthex for your protection and all our OSL family members. The pews can hold a maximum of 5 people if they need to be distanced, up to 8 if full families. Your usher will guide you from your pew at a socially distanced pace for communion where Pastor Bruce will stand on the step and give you communion to take to your seat. After the service has ended the ushers will empty the church from the back to the front. Please be patient and follow all directions.
  • If you do not feel comfortable inside, we understand. The speakers in the Fellowship Hall are working. You can distance there more comfortably or if you prefer you may sit outside the doors under the cover. The services will continue to be posted live on the OSLC Facebook page.   
  • We apologize and remind you these changes are temporary. Hopefully a vaccine will come soon and we can resume some sort of normalcy in the new year. With rates exploding we ask for prayers for all those who have experienced any symptoms, or been affected by this virus in any way and ask for God for a cure to come soon.
  • With the current rates spiking the Council is reminding you that if you come in contact with, experience symptoms or are diagnosed with the virus you contact the office immediately so the attendance log can be checked and notify people who may be affected per State Health guidelines.

Thank you from your Church Council, Pastor, and Staff