Announcements for February 9

The Annual Congregational Meeting and Pot Luck is here. Please plan to attend next Sunday to hear our year in review, taste some amazing food, enjoy catching up with friends and hear what thoughts are out there for the Capital Campaign & Building.

FELLOWSHIP will host the Pot Luck, Feb 16th. Please find Sign-up sheets in the Narthex and add your favorite food item. These need to be done TODAY- February 9th so we know what items we need to purchase. Contact Renae Schmid to help.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY is planning their 2nd BLESSING BAG event February 22nd. Watch for more information and add this to your calendar. These bags are for you to give those who are struggling when you see someone on the corner or street that might need a snack, water, shampoo, dry socks, etc.

Via de Cristo News: The February Ultreya will be held at Grace Lutheran Church in Bountiful, 3 – 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 15th. The address is 835 N. Main. It will be the annual business meeting with the election of Secretariat members. Come one, come all! Bring a friend, your name tag, and a pot luck item. Let’s have a great turnout for this special Ultreya.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY is giving it up for the 40 days of Lent. We are asking the congregation to join us in giving non-perishable food items to Roy Jr. High food pantry. Yes that’s right, we have kids in our neighborhood who go home Friday’s wondering what they will eat for 2 days. We challenge you to bring an item for each day of Lent beginning March 1st. to Maundy Thursday. Watch for flyers in future bulletins for food suggestions. Meanwhile we ask you to pray for the children in preparation as we will soon celebrate Lent.

Would you like to help shuttle our elderly to church and home again and possibly have your gas paid for? Please contact Bobbi 801-641-2810 to find out more information.