Announcements for 9/29

Pastor Bruce will be attending the LCMC National Convention in Omaha 9/29-10/2.

Please call the office or Elton Sutherland if you need anything during this time.

LADIES:  “COZY MOUNTAIN LODGE: Where women find shelter in God”  

The cost for the retreat is $45- ($40 if you don’t come till Saturday). Please get your money to Ashley Kaiser by 9/29, so supplies can be ordered and food bought. There are a few spaces available if anyone else wants to attend. Don’t miss this one. 

Washington Terrace Playhouse has added a 2pm  matinee December 14th. If 7:30pm was not good for you and you prefer this time please sign up in the back I will extend buying the tickets until October 1st, for both time slots as there are lots of seats available at this time. Bobbi Spring

Life Line Screening is coming Friday October 11.        

We have vouchers and other information in the narthex.

Carotid Artery Screening, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm,

PAD Screening & Atrial Fibrillation Screening 

*Good for 1 Individual Screening (worth $70) or $55 may be applied toward any vascular package valued at $129 or more*

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast is Next Saturday October 4th at 8am in the fellowship hall. Elton Sutherland and John Crossfield will be your October hosts. Let’s enjoy this time of Male Fellowship as the Women Retreat at Rockport.